Thursday, April 21

Keeping it Real

It is spring break. 

All week. 

I spent Monday zooming around cleaning the entire house, but I have done nothing since. 


The most anything I have done is making dinner and loading the dishwasher. 

I have been L.A.Z.Y... I haven't blogged, I havent paid a ton of attention to the house or the kids or anything.  I have taken extra naps, given in to PMS cramps and attitudes, played games online and gone to bed early. 

I think this is what they call SLOTH.

It is Thursday and here is a glimpse of my clean and organized *cough* house.

Kathryn's room...this was clean and nearly spotless last night at 8pm.
Kathryn has enjoyed her vacation from school.  It has been in the 30s, windy and rainy all week so it isnt the best weather for playing outside, but she has kept herself busy with artistic endeavors of all types.  And her room shows it.  Last night I made her clean up just so I could be sure there wasnt food ground into the carpet, or glue... you know how it goes when you have limited table space and soooo many supplies.
At the end of my hallway, all extra items belong in Kathryn's room.
Not every mess is because of the week off... this pile at the end of the hallway has been there for a couple weeks, since we painted Kathryn's room.  These are odds and ends, mostly stuff that needs to hung on the wall by Hubby who hates putting holes in the walls.  *sigh*  Who knows how much longer this will stay there.

One of Two Dressers belonging to my husband.
  This is also not a result of the week off, but something I certainly could have cleaned up but didn't.  Sure, it is Hubby's dresser, but if I dont clean it, it will keep piling up until it tilts and falls off the side onto the floor.

Two of Two Dressers belonging to my husband.
  As if one wasnt enough, he has another one in the closet.  At least that one is behind a closed door... but equally stacked up.  That plastic bin full of junk?  That's all the stuff I took off the other dresser and didnt know what to do with -some 6 months ago.

My bedside table.
 I'm not saying it's just them.  No, I have piles of my own.  This is my bedside.  My bed is not made for today.  I have 2 extra pillows beside my table to use when I sit in bed with my laptop.  Under the table are two more, smaller pillows for when my back needs some additional support.  The basket is full of books and snacks.  The tabletop has meds I should have put away, meds that do not, ever, need to be on the table.  An extra pair of glasses is collecting dust here too.  And my daily planner... hasnt been opened yet today.  Oh, and the laptop... on it's little rolling table that I never use.  Dont miss the dust on the lamp and table.  THAT is classic lazy, isnt it?

I could go on and on... but for today I will stop.  How does your home look?  I try to keep mine clean and organized, not necessarily pristine, but homey, comfortable and lived-in without looking messy and cluttered.

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