Friday, April 15


This is the IKEA desk on the left side of my craft room, attached to the 8 cubbie EXPEDIT unit from IKEA.  4 of the cubbies are hidden under the desk. 

I stuck buckets in them.  No, not pretty buckets that fill the space, buckets that cost a couple dollars at Walmart and are sold in the dish section.   I figued they aren't all out in the open, so who cares.

Anyway, these are Project Buckets.  Specifically. 

They are not Product buckets and they are not dump spaces.  Each bucket has a purpose and items that coorespond to that are inside. 

These four buckets are:

PHOTOGRAPH which includes stuff I need to get good photos of,

SEWING which has fabric for specific projects, not just fabric I bought because I liked it,

PAINTING, which has items to paint ranging from wooden items, ceramic and resin ornaments and paint palettes, and

RECIPE BOOKS which is an ongoing scrapbook project I am doing to put in print, with photos, all our favorite family meals for my meandering family.

So far this has worked out beautifully.  I know where to go when I have a project in mind and can easily find the items I need.  And it is also good for when I might just feel like painting but dont know what I want to do, so I can pull out the entire bucket and browse through it until I find something to do that suits my fancy.

There are 4 more buckets on the other side of the room with less prominant subjects in them.  I will show you those soon.

How do you organize your projects?

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