Sunday, January 9

Organized Genius

Ok, maybe not genius... and certainly not fully organized... but after taking my Office Organizing Journey a couple years ago, I have been much more productive and had the easiest time with staying that way.

If you haven't read those posts yet, I will wait. You can go do that now. Let me know when you get back. *grin*

You will see that, while I have moved into another room and changed up some furniture, my basic desk setup is the same. I still work with my planner, my file folders on the desk top, and my other important things close at hand.

This being the end of a long holiday season, I can't say that my desktop is immaculate. It is currently a bunch of works in progress.

Like this pile of snowflakes I need to put in an envelope and then into my daughter's box and those ornamental items in baggies that need some TLC before going back up next year.

And this action pile I didnt even bother to put in folders ... because I intend to take care of that pile as soon as I put the camera away.

But otherwise, I have no e-clutter, my days are well-planned, I can find what I want and it is easy to get to when I need it. The system works for me, as proven over the last 2 years. I can't tell you how much of a change Marcia's ideas have made in my life! You can check out her blog here.


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