Monday, January 10

Monday Mornings

I like Mondays. I know that isnt the popular opinion, especially with the working folks. But I do. I happen to like Mondays.

I just happen to not start liking them until about 1pm. Before that, it doesnt make any difference that it is a Monday... it is a MORNING. And I do not do mornings.

See, I like to sleep. I would even venture to say that I LOVE to sleep. A few of my favorite things are my pillow, my ceiling fan and my blankie with the silky edges. Seriously. Have you noticed that everything between 12am and 12pm is all considered MORNING??? While 12pm to 12am is called afternoon, evening and night, 12am to 12pm is all morning. I believe that suggests the entire time is meant for sleeping.

My mornings start at about 5:30 am when hubby's alarm goes off' usually for about 4 minutes before he finally hears it and turns it off or snoozes it. He gets ready and leaves just in time for me to fall back asleep almost all the way when my alarm goes off to get up and get the kids ready for school... They hate Monday mornings. Especially Anthony. He is totally not into mornings. And not really so into school either so Mondays are doubly bad.

But once the kids are gone to school, I have a nice, warm, quiet house. It is the perfect time to get the housework done and have it stay done for at least a few hours. Or to meditate, read, plan the week... Or for me, to go back to sleep. It is, afterall, still morning! *grin*


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