Tuesday, April 26

Still Keeping it Real - Craft Room

Not to make you think I dont have piles of stuff of my own, I wanted to show you my craftroom this week:

Piles by the door of things I am shipping out, piles on both desks, project bucket on the floor.

Another view of the stuff shipping out, the project bucket on the floor and the pile of fabrics that need to be made into roman blinds, pillows and chair covers.

My desktop... Piles of scrap fabric, fabric for my next project, pile of papers I need to do today, and a corner of my desk completely taken over by a blog post project I havent finished yet.  Trash can is full too.

Pile of artwork on the floor, overly full filing basket.

That pile of artwork... Kathryn created all of this in a week.

That blog project I mentioned... this corner of my desk has looked like this for a month.

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