Friday, March 4


Monday, which is a horrible enough day on it's own, killed me this week by blowing up both my Blackberry and my Toshiba Satellite laptop.  It was awful.  I tried to sit tight and make it through the day, but by the time the kids got home from school, I was totally freaking out.  Bad Mommy, I left the kids at home and ran to the cell store (that didnt help) and to Best Buy for a new laptop.  I have to tell you though, even being back online, it isnt the same without all my photos and documents and favorite links.  I am still kinda freaking out.  Eventually my sister mentioned a gadget I could use to purge info off misc hard drives (which is good since I also have 3 dead PCs sitting in the corner of my Craft Room/Office) and I ordered that with rush delivery.  It should arrive tomorrow.  Meanwhile I have removed all the harddrives and have them piled on my dresser.  It would probably make more sense to have them on my desk, but the dresser, it is.  And here I sit, slowly breathing in and out, in and out, trying to keep from attacking the delivery guy when he comes down our street.

ANYWAY, I have written a few posts, but was waiting on photos... which I had just downloaded off the camera (and then erased) onto my old laptop the night before it died... so I feel especially stuck right now because even if I showed you after photos, I have no befores for comparison.  So then I would probably do a link list of my favorite blogs but that is all lost too.  *sigh*

And I am even more frustrated that I had been working on changing some things on my blog sidelines and recently deleted my blogrolls.  Grrrrr Yea, I was planning a great new page for each of the kinds of links I keep and match them up with the corresponding blinkies.  um, yep, great idea... lost what html I had written out for it so far. 

So tomorrow is supposed to be the ultra special day when this magical gadget arrives and I get to recover information.  I'll let you know how that goes.  Until then, know that I havent forgotten you... I have just been overtaken by many many things that are keeping my hostage from Blogger.  Seriously *looking over shoulder and whispering* if they knew I was on here right now.... OH NO.... Shhhhhhhh!!!!!


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