Sunday, March 27

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The American Homemakers

The American Homemaker is written by Angie, a really neat-o LDS lady.  She is totally entertaining, has great decor ideas and shares awesome recipes.  Ang and her brood of 3, newly purchased home dilemas, kitten vs puppy woes and cooking class ideas will give you tons to chew on.  I heart The American Homemaker!

50s Housewife is a mother of 5, blogging along retro style.  With tons to read in her archives, I know you will spend days pressing the "older posts" button.  I did.

Lorie at Be Different, Act Normal has some really cool stuff to share.  You especially have to check out her Saturday linky parties called Show and Tell Saturdays

brown paper packages

Kierste at Brown Paper Packages has put together DIY heaven with great idea after great idea.  Currently she is featuring a tip on how to make packing lunches fast and easy.

OMG, what can I say about Jill over at Controlling My Chaos?  Wacky and wonderful, I think I finally met my match in OCD freakiness.  Seriously, this girl has too much time on her hands making vinyl menu boards and laminated recipe cards.  Not to mention that she is a school teacher.  You have GOT to read all about the Potty Prancers.  And really, her post about Procrastination (and here) is what hooked me on her blog.  Jill is kewl!

Everything's Coming Up Daisies

Kayren over at Everything's Coming up Daisies has a great view on life.  Reading her blog makes me smile and reflect on the good things in my life, even the ones in disguise.


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