Sunday, March 27

Technology Conquered

ummmm, yeah.  Who knew!  My techno-deficient sister, Karen, told me about this one.  Seriously.  If I had known all this time that there was a gadget to make hard-drive to hard-drive transfers so easy, I would have lapped it up and worn it out by now!!!

So this thing is the Kingwin Ez-Connect.  It comes with a variety of plugs and a power pack.  You take your old HD out of the computer, figure out how to connect it to this thing with the plugs, power it up, connect to computer via USB and off you go!  You can access the HD from your current computer like an external drive or just transfer info over.  Easy Peasy.

The most shocking thing was the size of it... I went digging through the box looking for it and found it to be no gargantuan dohickey, but rather a tiny credit card sized, lose it when I blink dealy. 

So far I have done 2 PC HDs and one lappy HD.  I have 3 more PC HDs to do which is merely a task of removing the drives ... 'cause using this thing sure isn't a task at all!  I mean it... each one of the drives had a different connection system, required different plugs, but this thing handled it all! 

EVEN the HD that was circa 2003, that I was sure was DEAD... it might have some bad areas on the HD, but it wasn't dead.  I retrieved some really great OLD stuff off of it!

Thanks Karen for pointing me in the right direction!


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