Saturday, January 1

UnDecorating Progress?

The inside of the house is coming along... kind of. My brilliant idea was to make a list of the themes I want on my trees next year then to go around with a bag and collect all the ornaments that would go with that theme.

Uhhh, so now the floor in my craft room is full of such bags, extra supplies I intended to use for one craft or another and undecorated small trees

while the living room still has piles of stuff moved from other places and totes that never did get put back.

Back? Back would be the garage where my husband erected these large shelves to hold my Christmas totes. Ummm there are 2 up there, but it holds 8 total. The rest might have made it out of the house, but not up to the shelf... and sit here by the patio furniture. *sigh*

Thank Goodness tomorrow is another day! I hope to undecorate every tree and get them disassembled and boxed. Then I will just be left with the decorations to pack up. Wow, that doesnt sound like much of an accomplishment when I see it in writing. *double sigh*

Really, I did accomplish SOMETHING.


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