Thursday, December 30

My House at the Holidays

This is what my dining room and living room looked like on December 1st. Rubbermaid totes everywhere in the house, open and overflowing with holiday decorations and supplies. OMG, how can I possibly wade through it all? I had thought it was well organized last year when we put it all away, but as I was trying to put up trees, finding exactly what I wanted wasn't as easy as I had hoped. It took 2 weeks to decorate... I never did get all the totes out of the house.

This is what it looked like on Christmas Eve.

My craft room tree:
My kitchen counter tree:
My Peppermint Kitchen tree:

The Snowman tree in the living room:

The main family tree with the kids' handmade ornaments (a little rearranging done by the cats and Santa):

Plus there are trees in each bedroom. Whew!

How am I ever going to get it all down and packed up in an organized fashion so that next year is a breeze? Stay with me over the next few days and see what does and doesn't work as I try some new ideas for undecorating and packing up the holidays.


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