Sunday, January 2

Accomplish Anything?

Not really. I spent the day moving around totes, packing up trees (ok, I didnt pack them, hubby did... but I had to undecorate them all and get them 'ready') and taking photos of everything. At some point the photos will become my inventory and keep me from buying stuff I dont need, but at this point they are just messy photos in a digital folder on my laptop.

Oh, and when something was broken and hot-glue-able, I fixed it immediately. Why? (asked by hubby) Because I know that there is no way I will fix things in the fall when it is time to decorate again. So, I took the time to fix things now.

And if you thought my craft room looked bad yesterday with all the mess, you should see it tonight with 8 open totes and still has piles of stuff to be gone through, photographed, packed, fixed, etc. Good thing tomorrow is not only another day, but is a day where the hubby and kids go off to work and school and I should be able to accomplish a bunch more without the interference I had today. (...extremely important question about pizza puffs, setting up a connection to the wireless printer from the new laptop, putting dirty dishes back in the dishwasher after hubby took them out, looking for the silver bell the cat stole off a snowman, checking FaceBook and text messages...)

For now, I am sitting in bed surfing my favorite blogs, watching something stupid on TV while trying to keep warm. For some reason my fingers and my nose are chilly.

I'll catch ya up to date tomorrow.


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