Monday, January 3

Happy Birthday Page Kit

Little bits of this and that. They are everywhere in my scraproom. I try to keep them organized and remember that I have them so they can be used up... but mostly I just forget.

I am going back to my own advice as I mentioned in a scrapbook class I taught in 2005... Make page kits. If you dont feel like scrapbooking but want to get something done, want to use up scraps and misc supplies, create page kits that you can use later when you are ready to scrap.

This is one such kit which includes 2 tags, a title block, a picture block, vellum quote block and an accessory tag. I wrapped it up with some extra eyelets and fibers. It will be easy to pull out and throw together for a birthday layout when I sit down to scrap.

When I was cleaning off my desk from this project, I realized I had enough left over to make a matching card too. Here is all of it together.

Always keep in mind that your scraps are valuable supplies. There are always ways to make use of small pieces. You dont always have to cut into a new piece of paper or buy a new selection of accessories to make a layout. Work with what you have and make your supplies and your money go further.


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