Saturday, August 14

Sometimes you just Gotta Bling!

Seriously, is there anything you can't bling up or alter??? First, this $5, 9" battery operated clock... a gift from Jill K, my previous CM upline. Isn't it adorable how she took some simple stickers and die cuts and made this clock look great!!

And then this metal sign I found at Hobby Lobby... $10 with a 50% off coupon... cost me $5 and about 2 foot of ribbon.

I have had these signs for 6 years. They were high decor in my previous house, but they hadn't fit in here until I took a can of spray paint to them.

I love them once again!!!

Sure, we are all talking about decluttering and tossing stuff, but every once in a while you really can just redecorate or repurpose stuff.


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