Sunday, August 15

Organizing Cardstock

Just a small taste of the cardstock I keep on-hand in my craftroom. This is the Stampin' Up cardstock I use for card bases. There are new, as well as older, discontinued colors represented here... so I can't just refer to the catalog to pick a color or to match it with inks and printed papers. To make it easier, I made this swatch kit. It is portable, yet has a large enough chunk of each color to easily match with other items as I shop around my craftroom for a current project.

And because I find I will make cards more often if it is easy-smeasy, I precut a couple dozen card bases and stuck them in a cute little bucket on my desk, always at the ready. No more will I stamp and color then set aside and lose... now I have cards ready and can complete projects quickly and without procrastination!

Do you know what papers you have in your stock??


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