Tuesday, June 22

How it all begins...

A SKETCH. That is how every project around my house begins... with a sketch, sometimes with measurements, but usually just a sketch.

I have been known to change my mind... but generally I sketch something up after dreaming about it for a while... so I am usually set on my idea.

Sometimes things change when my husband comes in to make the sketch become reality. Usually that means that he measured and I didnt. :/ Like with my craft closet... but that is a story for later.

Today is all about my desk. You can see my desk in the lower portion of my sketch. It is a 65" wide, 30" deep executive desk that I have had for YEARS... I love the depth of this desk so getting something different is not an option.

I want to use the desk for family business AND crafting.

To do this, I want to make use of the wall.

First I ordered ink pad organizers. Then one that matched for acrylic paints. They are great, but it is annoying having to move things out from in front of them to access the lower inks.

So, handy-dandy hubby, Lee, made me a shelf... 8" high, 8" deep and 65" long. I put the ink storage on top of the shelf and little bins and buckets under it with all my at-hand tools right within reach.

Then I had him add a shelf above it all for idea books, binders and magazines. WHoo Hoo! There is little more a girl could need! I have so much right at my finger tips!

Stay tuned as I unveil more of my craft room re-do. It has, admittedly, been my biggest focus lately. :)


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