Wednesday, May 19

Organizer Update

Last week, this is what my desk looked like.

On the right is my stamp pad organizer, mentioned last week... in the middle are my scrapbook tools, on the left is a basket with all my action files. Nothing too exciting... UNTIL THE MAIL CAME...

The packaging ALONE proved that what I was about to encounter was extremely valuable! As you can see, big thick box with packing peanuts, individual wrapped boxes within, separated by bubble wrap... ohhh the care that went into packaging this!!!

But what is it??? The wonderful Mike, from custom built an organizer for my acrylic paint!!! And I was specific... I also purchased another stamp pad organizer and only had so much desktop space left... But VOILA! Mike is amazing! Look at this beauty

OMG!!!!!! Seriously!!!!! I had an entire drawer full of paint and it didnt even make a DENT in this organizer! Plus it is right at my fingertips and I can see all the colors!!!

So, adding it to this beauty.... plus it's new sister......

Makes my desk look like this (although a bit messy when I took the photo)!!!Mike and his family @ are fantastic! Not only is the customer service superb, but the quality of the product is fantastic! I am not being compensated for this blog, I just love their products! Go to Organize More and tell them Anne Alagna sent you! You wont be sorry!


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