Saturday, April 3

The Woman Next Door

I am the woman next door...
...who you have never met because she was too depressed to step outside for an entire year.
...who you used to hang out with, but wonder if she still lives there.
I am the woman next door...
...who is friendly enough, but always keeps you at a little distance.
...who never answers her phone and was secretly happy when the batteries in the doorbell died.
I am the woman next door...
...whose kids come to play, but who you have never met.
...who signs up to help at the school, but often doesn't show up because she couldnt face the kids.
I am the woman next door...
...who bitches about her husband to hide the fact that she wants to cry on your shoulder about her suicidal teenager.
...whose flowerbeds are either blooming and gorgeous or dead and you never know what to expect.
I am the woman next door...
...who would help in a snap if she knew you needed something.
...who orders off the internet because it is easier than facing society.
I am the woman next door...
...who is still sueing her ex husband for child-support, even though the kids are now adults themselves.
...who swears too much but is more gentle than anyone.
I am the woman next door...
...who cooks and cleans and organizes like a pro.
...who hides her demons behind closed doors and martha-like homemaking.
I am the woman next door...
...who knows the local police officers, detectives, social workers and Child Protective Services workers by name.
...who isnt shocked or frightened anymore when the government calls or shows up about one of her older kids.
I am the woman next door...
...who just wants to be normal.
...who doesnt want to give you something to gossip about.
I am the woman next door...
...who is holding herself together by a thread, trying not to turn into a drunk, pill-popper to survive.
...who has survived physical and emotional abuse, who has known druggies, murderers, drunks, homeless, mental health professionals, rocket scientists and day laborers and welcomed them all to dinner with her family.
I am the woman next door...
...who silently cleans up the dog poop because she forgot to let the dog out.
...who wears her jammies all day.
I am the woman next door...
...who owns 8 bibles, but hasnt opened one in 2 decades.
...who could take on big business, governments, used car salesmen and politicians, but wont argue with you about your kids playing in my yard and stomping on my flowers.
I am the woman next door...
...who has studied every religion out there and still doesnt know what she believes.
...who doesnt judge you because she doesnt want you to judge her.
I am the woman next door...
...who cant be shocked by anything you tell her, be it financial woes, sexual indecencies, illegal activities, homo or transexuality, or other anti-norm topics.
...who can be spotted in the most unlikely of places around town and isnt ashamed.
I am the woman next door...
...who will quietly leave a basket of goodies by your door and not ring the bell because she heard you arguing.
...who will check back in later to make sure you are ok without letting on that she knows anything.
I am the woman next door...
...who doesnt care if you are thief or saint as long as you treat her fair.
...who hides behind humor and sarcasm.
I am the woman next door.

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