Monday, August 17

Menu Plan Monday

After everything that has been going on around here these last few months, I really didnt think it could get any worse. Really. I should have knocked on wood when I thought that.

Our fridge and freezer has died. I have now been a week without and still waiting for the repairman to come and make me a happy woman with a complete kitchen. Until then, feeling nothing like a real woman and beside myself to cook, we have been eating take out and frozen pizza, taking great care to not make leftovers.

Sure, we have a mini-fridge, but all that fits in there are the condiments... then it is full. I never realized how many condiments we owned. And I am sure that there are many more we havent even discovered!

So here goes:

Monday Frozen Pizza or Homemade pizza
Tuesday Sliced Roast and gravy from the freezer made into sandwiches, served with chips
Wednesday HOPEFULLY THE FRIDGE WILL GET FIXED TODAY Eat Out (Long day with many many appointments back to back)
Thursday EXPECTING THE FRIDGE TO BE COOLING DOWN NOW Eat Out (Long day #2 with many many appointments back to back)
Friday Spaghetti and meatballs (Babysitting 12 yo Autistic boy all day then heading out to do some much needed grocery shopping)
Saturday Apple Pork Chops with oven steak fries and grilled veggies
Sunday Steak on the grill with garlic potatos and corn on the cob


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