Sunday, August 30

All things cold... or not

Since you have asked:

My 22 cu ft GE fridge is officially dead. The repairman came out, did his thing, it worked for about 36 hours and stopped again. When he came out the third time, he determined that it was dead. Luckily it is under the 5 year warranty and will be replaced... in 2 to 2.5 weeks. UGH!!! So we have been trying to live out of this 3 cu ft mini fridge for all this time. By the time I got one shelf from the door of the big one emptied, this sucker was already full. We have been eating out, frozen pizzas or take out and it is really getting gross. When I did try to make dinner, half of what I wanted was in the freezer (last ditch effort to not lose food). Then I automatically made enough for leftovers... with nowhere to put them. UGH!!

So we went to Lowes and bought this 16 cu ft sweetie the other day. It is a garage fridge. And it is in the garage. So now I can buy a gallon of milk AND keep the cheese sticks from going bad without having to choose between them. I still have to walk to the garage, but heck, it is better than the alternatives. Sure, I cant do Sams Club this week as I would have been doing otherwise, but everyday life is a bit easier.
We still have to wait until the second week of September before we have any hope of the large one being replaced. But after hearing many bad things about GE service, I am pleasantly surprised at the ease with which these dealings have been handled.
For the next few weeks we wont be eating normally, but we will be getting as close to normal as possible. Any suggestions you have to get us through this rough patch???? Especially next weekend as we will have a houseful of guests????


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