Tuesday, August 11

Hello? Seriously?!? HEL-LOOO!

It was a joke about a year ago. I had seen my doctor about my extreme fatigue and been given a prescription sleeping pill. That was about the time that strange things started happening... I woke up in different jammies than I wore to bed. I woke up to 5 (more or less) snack bowls next to the bed. I was told of conversations I did not know I had. I found out that I was having sex every night. I was being emailed about my new online subscriptions from places I had never heard of. Packages were being delivered to the house (That part was like Christmas!) for products I wanted but had not bought. I heard from more than a handful of people that I had sent them very, very strange emails.

I mentioned it to my best friend in a phone conversation. Nora, a gem of a woman, has always taught me, by example, to laugh at life... and she immediately exploded in laughter!

"Where's Anne!??" She quipped. Her infectious laughter starting to invade my lungs and take over my story...

"You need to put in Nanny Cams to see what you are doing at night! You can sit and watch it the next day and find out Where Anne Was the night before."

She continued laughing. "Where's Anne? Look, there she goes, down the hall." "Ut, oh! Where's Anne? Looks like she is in the kitchen!" This continued for a good ten minutes as we listed out funny situations. Finally, we were both hysterical with laughter and I just let it go that strange things were happening to me.

Then, a few months ago, on a routine visit to my doctor, I mentioned that I had quit taking the sleeping pills because I noticed something on the warning label that I didnt like, that could be making another situation worse. When I quit taking the pills, I quit being foggy in the mornings. Sure, I quit sleeping, but I wasnt groggy and unfocused anymore. And mostly, I knew what was happening to Anne. So when he offered me a different sleeping pill, I declined.

So imagine my surprise when I woke up yesterday with this black eye! I had slept alone that night since my husband fell asleep on the couch to a movie... so I know it wasnt him.

That leaves me with one question: WHERE WAS ANNE????

What the heck did I do to myself while I was sleeping?!?!?

(cue the hilarious laughter)


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