Saturday, June 13


Ok, obviously, I do age, no matter what I want to believe.
Today is my birthday and I am 27 AGAIN (for like the 12th time). You heard me... 27!

The little one made me a bunch of pictures and the big one made brownies. My son, well, 2 out of 3 aint bad. My hubby bought me new tennis shoes (the expensive ones since I wont sink that much into a pair but complain about the way my feet hurt in the other ones) and new flatware for 16!!!

I am so excited! I have never had new flatware! So CELEBRATE with me! Aging isnt so bad when it comes with new salad forks!
~Edit~ The night ended well. The older daughter made me the most fabulous gooey chocolate cake. Friends came by for BBQ (loaded down with food and drinks) and conversation. The kids gifted me a Garmin since I recently deactivated my OnStar. And hubs surprised me with $500 cash stuffed in an unsigned card.
CASH! Do I order scrapbook supplies (Creative Memories and Stampin Up are competing here)? Do I buy a new puppy? Do I be responsible and pay off a bill? What do I do?!?! I am so excited!

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