Thursday, July 23

Summer Time!

Already, it has been a L.O.N.G. summer. I havent been posting because I have felt a lack of words and a general sense of overwhelm in my life. But I felt the need to let you all know that I am basically OK.

We have had many things happen this summer that got me off the norm... weekly trips to the County Health and Human Services therapy offices for one of my kids... an ovarian cyst... a high school reunion... a prodical daughter... a medication change (or two)... a loss of and a gain of friendships... and some financial woes.

And I am tired. Mostly tired, today, because I have 3 wisdom teeth that were never removed when I was young... now completely in... are causing me great jaw pain which leads to eating problems, headaches and sleeping problems. Luckily, I go under the knife tomorrow morning at 7am! I can't wait to have those babies OUT!

Hubby is nice enough to take me. Then when we arrive home, he is packing up the kids and heading on a road trip to Florida to see his father and brother. SWEET 10 days of silence. I imagine the room cleaning adventures, the sorting and tossing I will be able to do while they are gone. I imagine staying up until 3am painting (something) without disturbing anyone. I see a big trip to Home Depot in the truck and me, happily covered in sawdust, working on little projects all week.

When they get back from their trip, we have a few more doctor appointments and then I am off to see my brother in Michigan. Well, it is more than just seeing him... I SAW him last weekend. But a few hours every 5 or 6 years isnt much, so I am going back and I will spend an entire week with him, just talking and sharing and caring. He is my brother afterall, and the only one of my siblings that I have any relationship with anymore. He is 15 years older than me and has always been my secret hero. And he seems lonely. And I need a change.

When I got back, we have a few short weeks full of registrations, physicals, and sign-ups... and then it is back to school. WOW! That went fast!

I have a bunch of posts coming up for you.

  • cake decorating
  • craft room organization (with many mini-projects)
  • laundry room re-dos
  • PROJECT: cleaning for the first time in a year
  • Family recipe books to pass to your children
  • Health and Fitness: my struggle
  • My Pet Peeves, a day in the life
  • New Blog Project: Freaks of a Feather
  • Some wonderful RAKs received
  • What can you buy with $500 birthday money???
  • Doors, what do yours say?
  • Long term storage or Out-of-Sight, Out-of-Mind junk heap
  • L.A.B.E.L. I.T. a personal obsession
  • Third quarter Freezer Frenzy
  • Back to school tips and ideas
  • Sharing blog posts that inspired me
  • What to do when your chores are done and the house is clean
  • Finishing your TO-Do list, anti-procrastination tips

and much, much more.

So I thank you for your patience as I have dealt with chaos this summer and appreciate you hanging on until I can get back full-time!


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