Wednesday, May 20

Rewards and Consequences

4 kids
lots of trouble
tons of messes
'I dont know' and 'Not me' took charge.
I was officially in a SITUATION.
I had been to a seminar with my homeschool group quite a few years earlier and the words of the speaker were coming back to me...
Give them clear expectations...
Make rewards and punishments obvious.
Follow through, follow through, follow through.
So I spent an entire weekend making a chart. I laminated cute little tags. Some were for chores, some for prizes or rewards, some detailed rewarded and unacceptable behaviors. Each tag had a positive or negative points value. Each kid had their own pocket to keep track.
It was a great idea!
And it worked for the kids, especially the younger ones, who worked hard to get as many points as possible.
But it didnt work for me... because I didnt follow through. I was lax. I didn't check to see if the chores were done properly. I didnt keep track of the points. I didn't dole out the earnings and rewards weekly as agreed upon. I didnt work it. I spent 14 hours a day away from my family, working, and the last thing I wanted to do when I got home was to check chores or to sort out sibling arguments to see who got points removed.
I had high hopes, but I let the system down.
To this day, I flounder to find a system that will work for me AND the kids. Every where I look there are different ideas. What do you do?

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