Tuesday, May 19

How to Gross out your Teenager

Really, you can see my halo, right?

No, I wouldnt gross my kids out on purpose (excpet for calling chinese food 'cat' and talking about poop), but today this is the way it worked out.

The lesson of the day? No matter how old you are and how alone you are, DO NOT walk around the house NAKED. In fact, do not even walk around your bedroom naked! Seriously, wear clothes while you shower! You have no right to be naked. Not even when getting out of the shower and walking to your dresser to get some undies. It doesnt matter that your kids are supposed to be at school. The only thing that matters is that you are naked.

I am sure she will survive after what she saw, but my ego is fatally damaged. I didnt realize that I was that old and un-hot. I did not know that my nakedness was worthy of eye-gouging. I didnt know she could scream and gag at the same time.

Ah, Motherhood.


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