Saturday, May 16

Anxiety over Teen and Menu Plans

Do we look alike?
(Daughter on left, me -at same age- on right)

The last 10 days have been some of the longest days in my life. It is amazing how much stress you can feel from a very independent, "I disowned you 6-months ago, Mom," graduates in 1 week and has a full 4-year scholarship to the local state college, 18-year-old daughter.

And she doesnt even live with us!

But I have been in tears and in constant worry over her as she makes her own choices and pushes toward self-sufficiency. Not that I didnt do the same thing at that age, but I like to think that I did it in a non-hurtful way. And yet she is leaving a wake of worried and *now* emotionally damaged adults behind her as she pushes ahead.

And whether she chooses to believe it or not, I love her as much as I did when she was a little, bouncy, sweet curly-headed girl. Recent events aside, she is an amazing girl. Letting go is so difficult... not that the last 2 years have left me any other option... just that it is difficult.

And dont even remind me that I put my parents through the same worry and heartache. Trust me, my mother has reminded me of that many, many times these past few days.

oh... and can I even mention the girl that my 16 yo daughter brought home for the weekend??? Decent kid at first glance, friendly and forthright. Uh, until she started telling me how she had pierced herself in about 20 places on her face... shutter... as well as tattooing herself... creeps.... and how she spent 5 weeks in a "hospital" in between 2 of her closest friends commiting suicide.

Yea... these are just *some* of the reasons I worry...

BUT we still have to eat... so my plan for this week is as follows:

Sunday - Pot Pie (using shredded beef from the freezer)
* I have decided that I prefer my meat cubed, not shredded... but alas, all I had was shredded.
Monday - Chicken Tostadas with Spanish Rice
Tuesday - Pork Roast with fried potatoes
Wednesday - Spaghetti and Meatballs (2 freezer sauce recipes to follow)
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Homemade Pizza
Saturday - Steak on the grill


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