Tuesday, February 24

Cute File Folders Tutorial

A couple weeks ago I posted on Organising Queen -as part of my office makeover- this photo of my action file folders.

They were super wasy to make! I spent less than 5 minutes on each!


  • Manila file folder
  • Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Decorative paper or fabric
  • Embellishments

I took my cheap-o file folder and some scraps of paper . For the tab section of the file, I cut a strip 2.5" wide.

I ran adhesive around the exterior of the strip as well as down the middle.

When I flipped it over and stuck it down, I quickly trimmed around the tab.

I followed the same procedure with a larger piece of paper for the front, trimming when it was adhered.
Then I embellished with Ribbon. Lastly, I stuck a label on each folder.
Poof! Cute Folders!

You can match them to your decor so that you don't mind having them out in the open. I went one step further than that with my BILLS TO PAY folder and covered it with Chocolate paper... hoping to make paying the bills slightly more palitable. *giggle*

What do your action folders look like??


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