Tuesday, November 11

Terrific Tuesday!

Lookie what I found!

This was getting thrown away at work so I rescued it from certain destruction! It has to be 30 years old (at least) and is thick and heavy metal. What will I do with it? Will I turn it into a scrapbook? Will I fill it with first aid stuff and toss it in my trunk? Will I find another use for it? Hmmmm. What WILL I do with it? So many ideas, only one box.

And look at this!

It originally looked like this:

It was so plain and ugly and plastic. I took a bit of paper and glue... and spiffed it up a bit!

What do you think I will use it for?

Hint: It is magnetic.

Come on! Play along! First one to guess correctly will get a special package from me....


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