Wednesday, November 12

DOESN'T Work for me Wednesday

Marcia posted a picture of a desk on Wordless Wednesday last week... and because of the responses, she is asking to see our desks. This is my desk.

Ummm, it's a mess? Yeah, I know. Imagine it before I cleaned, organized, tossed and recycled! Basically, none of it works for me. Sure, it is HUGE, but it is an organizational disaster and there is only so much I can change being that it is also a common space (one leg used by my Mechanics) and completely customer visible/touchable.

What works:
  • Tons of cabinet space.

  • I hung a wall pocket by the phone for a contact log and waiting-for-a-call-back ROs (Repair Orders)

  • I bought a spinner thing for pens. It is huge. It also holds my appointment book and my to-do list. It is by the computer. The pens and stuff USED TO BE 8 feet away by the brochure display.

What doesnt work:
  • Papers on the desk held down by big bars of steel as an organizational file (UGH)

  • Lots and Lots of acrylic-covered padded advertisments that are similar to acrylic desktop covers except that they are UGLY

  • Cardboard boxes in the corner that hold broken parts to show customers if they want to see or send back to the warranty company, another that holds nuts/bolts/screws and another that holds rocks (YES) with names written on them to use as paper weights. DOUBLE UGH

  • Key boards hanging from the counter

  • Phone 10+ feet away

  • Counter-height counter/computer space, traditional height stool.

  • Cabinets full of index card files from 20 years ago, manuals that are never referenced and miscellaneous parts that could be used, reused or are just "interesting." OMG

  • The view.... I can deal with the trailers... but the rest?

Basically, nothing about this space works for me. The whole department is back-assward and completely inefficient. Sure, they do a GREAT job and have a GREAT attitude... but come on!

In my defense, here is one of THREE desks inhabited by the PackRat Owner, the previous inhabitant of my desk.

If you look close you can see 3 vertical files marked Action, Pending and File. They are empty. They were my attempt to get the piles off his desk and the notes off his walls. I explained them to him. I asked him if he would use them. But they are getting dusty.

This is the rest of this one of his offices. He has us put together the black shelf. It has all kinds of CRAP on it. I do NOT know why he needed it. It just has piles.

Oh, there is so much more to clean!

THIS is my space from a previous company. This is how I like my workspace to look. Functional, but clean.
So now you know all about my workspace. Why don't you play along? Show us YOUR workspace!


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