Friday, November 21

Declutter Fridays -Nov 21

Decluttered from my life this week:

  • One job... I was laid off. =(
  • 5 blouses, one sweater and one skirt... passed along to a co-worker.
  • Another box of books left over from homeschooling.
  • I also cleared off my desk at home... I was able to stack the TV on top of the printer and saved a bunch of space.
  • AND I took a HUGE stack of stuff down to the basement... I had been piling it up at the top of the stairs and not actually taking it all the way down. The entire stack has now been put away in the storage closet in the basement.
  • Oh yeah, at work, before I got laid off, I decluttered a decade's worth of Service Manuals. I inventoried them, boxed and put up for sale.

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