Wednesday, October 22

Works for Me Wednesday -Recycle?

My boss seems to think declutter and trash are bad words.... but he does like the word recycle (as long as it doesnt apply to his special stuff).

Much of the time, since I started this job, has been spent cleaning and organizing, not exactly what I was hired to do. I feel compelled to teach this company to be more efficient with time and space.

However I have learned from them too. I have learned to take trash papers that have no personal information (shredder feed) and cut them into quarters. This is the cheapest scratch paper and quite plentiful. I also saved pre-printed notepads (manufacturer order pads for a manufacturer we no longer use) and used a guillotine paper cutter to make scratch paper. I now have a HUGE pile of scratch as well as another ream of paper notepads to chop up in the future. Sure, it's not Post-Its, but it is quite a bit cheaper and serves the same function. Now, dont get me wrong... as a Franklin-ite I do not condone the use of scratch paper and notes in multiple areas, getting lost or misplaced... but I often walk to the parking lot, take information from a vehicle then enter it into the computer. Scratch paper is perfect for this. I use a small scrap that fits in my pocket, toss it when I have entered the information, and feel no guilt.


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