Tuesday, October 21

Career Album

The confession here is that this is not my typical scrapbooking style. This is a page from my "career" album. Not that I have ever had a career, but I have been involved in many volunteer positions, clubs as well as my different jobs over the years. Each brought something else to my life that deserved remembrance and reflection. In an effort to put the album together quickly and focus on the journaling, the pages are mostly functional, wall papered with journaling or photos, not nifty techniques or pretty papers or awesome stamped images. Alot like me, this album is cut and dry. *giggle*
I chose to share this page with you because the top right image is a paper piecing that took me 3 hours to finish... the red parts are the pieces... and once they were cut, I had to figure out how to place them correctly. After numerous tries, I finally paper pierced around the pattern images into the lower layer of cardstock then adhered. Whew!
Now I just have to do the past year... and the new job. Hmmmmm

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