Friday, October 24

Declutter Fridays -Oct 24

I know this is the FRIDAY challenge, but I have been decluttering for two weeks...!

  • I cleaned out my master bedroom closet. I made enough room in there to put my lesser used stamp/scrap supplies.

  • This enabled me to fold up the two tables that held my supplies. I also removed the return from my desk.

  • I rearranged all the remaining furniture in the bedroom.

  • I emptied my TO FILE basket and shredded or filed each paper. I culled through the previous files and removed a 10" thick pile of papers to be shredded... old bills and financial papers that do not need to be kept.

  • I removed everything that had been stashed under the bed and if my touch left fingerprints in the dust, I tossed it. If there was no dust, I found a place to store it.

  • I cleaned my junk drawer and 2 baskets of previous junk drawers that had never been sorted.

  • A box of papers from my last job was hovering in the corner. I went through it and filed what I thought I might use as reference, and tossed the rest. I was brutal. I think I saved 4 pages total from a box 15"x15" FULL.

  • I went through the kids' dressers and took out the off-season clothing and clothing that was too small. I threw away the clothes with holes in the knees or stains, boxed up the girls clothes and bagged the boys clothes. I have to take the girls clothes to Goodwill, but I already had the boys stuff picked up by a neighbor who can use it.

  • I cleaned up at work too (much to my PackRat Boss's chagrin) and tossed 3 trash cans full of old manuals that will no longer be referenced, tossed old damaged parts and put labeled tabs in 3-ring binders for the documents that will need to be referenced.
  • I straightened the DVD drawers and tossed duplicates and movies we never watch.
  • I went through my t-shirt drawer and tossed 3 old shirts. I tossed 2 sets of pajamas that I do not wear. I also tossed 6 pairs of underwear that I would be embarassed to be seen in (Mom always said to wear clean underwear in case you are in an accident.) I cleaned out enough room in that drawer to stick my winter underwears.
  • I straightened the lids in my plastics drawer in the kitchen. They are now in shape/size order: squares, ovals, circles.
  • I got rid of all the magazines and catalogs that were in the bathroom.



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