Sunday, October 12


FIRST, I want to say Happy Birthday to my friend Anne from Santee, CA!!!! I met Anne online almost 9 years ago. We hit it off right away and spent hours upon hours chatting. She has been through so much these last few years and is just as amazing as ever. Love and miss you... Happy birthday!!!!!!

Now, more than anything, I want to post something creative or organizational or fun. But all I can think right now is how aggrevating family can be and how sick I am of the conflicts brought on by men or teenagers or both together. AARRUUGGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so frustrated!

Ok, well, coming up I have to tell you about my Declutter Friday and everything I did around here (hyper, who me?). I want to post my Menu Plan Monday. I have organizational tips originating from my job and what I am doing over there. I found some great products I want to incorporate into my day. I need to re-do my FLYLADY system so that it fits with my new hours now that I am back to working full time. AND I want to talk about Once A Month Cooking. Oh yes, and somewhere in there I have to come up with some ideas and plans for a scrapbook -Tennis theme. And did I mention the great cards I saw on Denise's blog? I need to go buy that punch and copy them! OMG, and I almost forgot... a while back I received a couple of awards. I need need need to get them posted. HOLY SHITAKE MUSHROOMS! Anyone know how to get more hours out of the day?!?!

Oh yes, and not strangle either my husband or my teenage daughter or both!


Ok, I am fine now. Really. All right, I am not fine, but I will be. I leave you with a relaxing sky photo from July.


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