Saturday, September 20

I know, I know, I know!

Where in the world is Anne?!?!?! Good question! I have been wondering too! I just have not been myself lately. I am trying to get back my creativity. And my spirit... I just dont feel like Anne.

But we have all been busy, whether I feel like me or not. The days are starting to cool off faster. We went to the county fair. I went back to work; the kids went back to school. We started the fall cleaning routine.

And we went to the 105th Harley Davidson Anniversary Festival. That was a blast. Milwaukee sure knows how to throw a party! (Sorry about the photo quality... I forgot the camera and these were from Suzanne's cell phone.) Truth is we aren't Harley owners, but our friend's Steve and Suzanne are... plus he works for the Capitol Drive Harley facility... so we went with them. They are amazing friends. I love hanging out with them! And you should have seen all the bikes!!!!!!! OMG what a sight! I really really really wish I had taken the camera.
Soooooo, I am going back to posting more frequently.... and I have to find my creativity somewhere. Thanks to everyone who commented while I was down. I love you all! It was truly wonderful to receive all the well wishes.


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