Thursday, August 21

Varsity Tennis and Stomach trouble

This weekend I had the pleasure of driving to the Green Bay area to watch my friend's daughter play tennis. She is 13, a freshman, and #1 on the high school varsity team!
Go Bryanne! She kicked some serious butt!

In other news, I kinda figured out why I haven't been myself lately... I spent HOURS last night with my face in the wastebasket while I was stuck sitting on the toilet. NO FUN! I still feel weird and my stomach is churning like a cement mixer at a high-rise construction site. Not that there is anything left in there to churn... just that it hasn't stopped. Waaaaa! I am going to try and get it settled so I can do something fun and creative. I would like to work on teacher gifts since school starts soon... and I need to replenish my supply of Thank You cards.

Pepto Bismol is our friend.....~Anne

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