Wednesday, August 20

Tips for faster scrapbook layouts

Tips for scrapbooking faster:

  • Clean as you go. If you don't have to look for your scissors or adhesive under 5" of scraps, you will be able to work faster.

  • Use proven ideas. Don't try to reinvent anything... use sketches and idea books.

  • Keep the majority of photos in squares or rectangles. Specialty shapes take quite a bit of extra time and tend to be trendy rather than classic.

  • Journal as you go. (I understand this doesnt work for everyone. I have a friend who makes her whole album and then goes back and journals the whole thing all at once. It seems to take her an extra 6 hours per album -at least.)

  • Only touch it once. For example: If you are scrapping your wedding in a Wedding album, while the photos and supplies are out, make a 2-page layout to go in the Family album. Along this same line... if you are using special supplies and have leftovers, why not use them on cards instead of filing them away and never using them again? Christmas album or Christmas photos in the Family album? Why not make a layout for in each of the kids' albums? It is much easier to create 6 layout of the same thing at the same time than it is to create 6 layouts of the same thing at 6 different times.
Sorry I have been MIA this past week. I dont know what happened to me. I looked at the calendar and realized the whole week was gone! If anyone finds my missing week, please let me know! *grin*

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