Saturday, August 2

Piles and Piles of Scrapbooks

Confession Time again!

I have been hiding my supplies. A few weeks ago I dug out my stickers and organized them. I sorted out my scraps. I made sure my stamp index was up to date. So why was my closet still full? I finally got the courage to empty it all out. I had no idea how much was really in there!

I have a stack of 23 12x12 albums, new, still in the original packaging. Those are topped of by 2 8.5x11 albums and 10 7x7 albums.

As if that isn't bad enough... I have 4 "in process" 12x12 albums, one "in process" 8.5x11, one "in process" 12x15 album and 2 "in process" 7x7 albums.

I spent yesterday working on the thousands of photos that are laying around (no mention of the 20 GIG of digi photos yet to be printed), putting them in chronological order. I also sorted an entire file box of memorabilia that had just been thrown in all together. Done. Today I am faced with 3 file boxes of sorted memorabilia and box after box (after box after box) of sorted photos.... oh yea, and that pile of scrapbooks. (Photos of the piles coming later.)

This is ridiculous! It is time to set a goal! I have to start planning or I will never get anything done.

  1. What scrapbooks do I want to make? (3 for each of my 4 kids -baby, school, growing up, family albums by year, growing up albums for me and hubby each, a 9/11 album I have been saving photos and journaling for, Christmas albums by year, 2 home improvement albums and a hobby/career album for my hubby.)

  2. What photos go in each scrapbook? (oh boy, that is a big question)

  3. What memorabilia goes in each scrapbook? (I just have to dig through the files. this shouldn't be too difficult)

  4. What supplies will I need that I dont already have? (time to use up my stash)

  5. What is my timeframe for completion?(is 12 months too much to ask? I have completed many albums in 2-3 weeks each when I was organized and comitted.)

Now a question for you.......... What do you do with all the left-over photos you dont put in one scrapbook or another? If you store them, what type of storage do you use?


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