Sunday, July 6

Stop me before I Alter everything!

I have fallen in love with Altered Items! My scrap supplies are not safe until they have been covered...

Here is a set of cardboard magazine holders I got on clearance at Office Max for $3... I used SU! DSP and MonoAdhesive. I think they need some stamping on the labels.... or maybe I should print them and then stamp them. I dunno yet quite what they are missing. Ribbon?
And this was an old photo box. Old and worn and ugly. Luckily I had Cherry Pie papers left over from my Friends Lunchbox project so I grabbed the Modge Podge and covered the tops to two of the boxes. I used three layers of MP on top to give the paper a shine. I tossed in a coordinating label and VOILA! Prettier boxes! Who knows what I will MP or label next!


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