Saturday, July 5

Flowering Mailboxes

Last year my neighbor split her hostas and brought me 4 of them for my flower beds. I had been having trouble getting anything to grow in these problematic beds and her hostas towered over mine.

Fast forward to this year. The hostas she gave me still tower over mine, but at least now there is something that is flourishing. In fact they were getting so big that I asked my husband, Lee to dig up two of them... one that was crowding out my hydrangea and the other that was symetrically placed. One I gave to a friend for her flower beds. The other I asked Lee to stick between the two mailboxes out front.

He suggested a few other plants so I went shopping. After a few Daylillies and some pretty little red things that weren't labelled, I picked up a purple tropical something or other. (Great technical gardening info, huh!) The ground was so hard that he had to pick at it and pound at it to remove the grass and turn the soil. Overall I think it turned out pretty good. But we might add some ground cover. Any suggestions?

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