Monday, July 7

Friends Altered Lunchbox

Confession! I totally CASEd this lunchbox from Katie Tate! A couple years ago I bought a CD of ideas from Katie's EBAY store... then I went back and bought a boys lunchbox (Snips n Snails). Then I ordered lunchboxes from Oriental Trade. I even bought the Cherry Pie papers! I was so psyched to make lunchboxes of my own! So why-oh-why did the box from OT sit in my front coat closet for 2, maybe 2 and a half years????

Well, I recently cleaned out the coat closet and found them. Then I found the papers when I organized my scrap supplies. THEN I used the box they came in when I wanted to ship some stuff to my mom. The lunchboxes? They sat piled on my printer waiting to be put to use. Oh, they werent lonely up there! There was a tin that once held the SU! Terrific Tag set as well as a few Altoids tins I have been saving. Yep... nothing lonely about that!

I had even called my teenage daughter to join me in making lunchboxes one day. But she got somethhing done and I just sat there and watched her. UGH. Was I never going to get them done??

The other day I finally worked on them!!!!!!!! This one is going to go next to the phone for numbers for my kids' friends. I have to work on the inside cards. I think I will use a photo of the friend for one half and the contact information on the other half.

I started with the outsides (Modge Podge -my daughter did it for me and put the front paper upside down -oops!) and ribbons (6-7" long each) then worked on the cards (7" x4" with tabs from the SU! Rounded Tab punch)

I had a tiny scrap of the Cherry Pie paper left that I used to cover a kitchen magnet to make a bonus! I have been bummed lately about the number of dirty dishes on the counter because no one is sure if the dishwasher is clean or dirty -- and you KNOW no one bothers to ask. So now when the clean dishes are emptied, the magnet goes on and stays until the dishwasher is set to run. Cool!

Stay tuned! Another lunchbox is coming later in the week!


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