Thursday, July 10

Box of Goodies for Mom!

On Monday I talked about the box from OT that I pilfered so I could send some stuff to my mom.... and I thought I would share some of the goodies with you!

First, I dug through my cards and sent her a handful. I know some of these came from a card swap a few years ago. I would love to give credit where due, but unfortunately they weren't well marked. The ones made for that swap were all amazing!
I also sent her an altered lunchbox. I dont know what she will choose to put in it, but I used her favorite color and every purple paper with flowers I could find! I kept the front of it simple since I wasnt sure how she would use it... maybe photos of the grandkids, recipes, craft ideas, gardening stuff?
I also included a set of notecards (bad photos, sorry. I didnt check them until the box was already mailed) for my neice who recently married. This was a quick and easy idea from Dannie Graves.

I need to work on a box of stuff for my best friend, Mia. I will update you as I get that done!

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