Thursday, July 3

Sketch Rolodex

Three weeks ago Corrie on Scrapbooking Classes posted a link to Carrie’s sketch rolodex.

I was enthralled by her idea and the next day (my birthday) I went to 3 stores to find the one with the BIG 3x5 cards (WHY doesn’t anyone carry them???). I ended having to order it and luckily was able to get it the next day. I had been keeping sketches in a binder and while I used them, it was inconvenient and there was no rhyme or reason to the way they were printed and tossed in there. Most of the time I found myself searching my computer files for a sketch and then printing yet another copy to use rather than using my binder. The rolodex is the perfect solution! I pulled out my scrap pile and used scraps from my favorite printed papers. I absolutely love the way it turned out! I used scraps of papers that I love to cover the dividers and then started to work on filling it.

I used Carrie’s idea to sort the sketches by number of picture per sketch and included a section for cards too. Look at it now! It is getting so full that by the time I have all my sketches in it I will have to buy another one just for the cards section. I have found myself sitting at my desk spinning it around just to look at my handy work. It is so cool it makes me giddy. (Yes, I know that makes me a geek.)


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