Monday, January 2

Holiday Plate Stacker Snack display

Isnt this the greatest find???  It's 1960s, made from plastic plates, missing one, but appropriate hardware for 3 stacking plates!  I found this on The American Homemaker's Etsy Shop... who knows where she found it!

This is how it arrived.  I had asked her to package it in pieces for easier tranport.  The plates had a 1/4 inch hole drilled into them.  First task:  secure new plates and a 1/4 inch drill bit that could drill through glass/ceramic.
And this is what became of it:

The process started by marking out the centers of the plates and drilling small pilot holes.
It continued with the glass and ceramic drill blade which is best used with water.

One with a hole, 2 more to go.
As in all projects involving the husband, beer and a 2nd plate with the hole drilled.

Then it was just a matter of assembly...
Which was had a few issues since our plates were heavier and thicker than the original ones, but it turned out perfectly!

She has quite a variety of retro and vintage items.


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