Wednesday, March 18

Boston Cream Pie -Chocolate

Sunday was my husband's birthday. His favorite cake is Boston Cream Pie.

I shudder at the thought. Anytime I have to stack a cake, it always seems to shift and fall. Oh, I have spent hours upon hours carefully creating the perfect BCP... and then found out that he wanted a fluffier cake and frosting instead of the hard chocolate shell. That was the year I gave up.

This year I wanted to do something special, so introducing the BCP was again the idea. I was nervously biting my nails waiting for the day to arrive until I found this recipe...

Whoo Hoo! Boxed cake mix and instant pudding. That is my kind of recipe!

So while I was breathing easy, I knew I had everything I needed except the pudding. The morning of his birthday I bought the pudding. I set myself up in the kitchen to bake the cakes... and that is when I realized:

I used the yellow cake mix a couple weeks ago to make something else!

Husband sounded like he was mainly concerned about the pudding so instead of running back to the store, I used what I had. Devil's Food cake mix cupcakes, Vanilla instant pudding, a bit of whipped cream and semi-sweet chocolate chips.

They look like Fluffy Oreos... but they taste like BCP!

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Love, Anne.

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