Tuesday, March 17

Alphabet Soup

I love my kitchen sponges. Seriously, LOVE.

It's just a kitchen sponge, Anne.

Ok, I know! There are many different brands on the market... every store carries at least 3 brands in at least 2 different styles. But I will go from store to store until I find MY kitchen sponges. Ohhh, another brand looks almost identical with it's Blue's Clues blue sponge and scrubby, but it doesn't even come close to MY sponge.

My Sponge doesn't scratch my pots and pans. My Sponge removes all the gross stuff. My Sponge doesn't separate from it's scrubby. My Sponge lasts forever and then some. I find myself throwing away old sponges because I have too many rather than because they fell apart in my hand. My Sponge doesn't smell funny. My Sponge doesn't curl up and get weird. My Sponge isn't stiff and rock hard.

I love My Sponge!

So what do you think happened when my local Wally World (the only store around that carries them) decided to no longer carry My Sponge?!?!?! OMG! I went to the desk and inquired. I mean, really, there are a couple others I could drive to. Sure, they might be further, but I would do it. Heck, if they would go look out back, I would not only wait, I would buy a whole dozen just to not run out for a while.

But NOPE, they no longer carry them.


How could this possibly happen! Oh. My. Goodness. I am just going to DIE without My Sponge!

I drove home in a tizzy. I called my husband and whined about it. Then I took action. Enter Google search and an all new edition of Anne stalks the UPS guy.

I was able to order My Sponge by the case. I ordered 2 cases. I could not help myself. It was mini-orgasmic. Just knowing that I would have enough of My Sponge to make it through the rest of 2009 had me very excited.

And I waited as patiently as I could. I checked online for an approximate delivery date. I checked again to see if maybe the date had been adjusted earlier at all. I chewed my nails and waited. And the day arrived! Oh Glory Be! Patience is not my thing. It was about all I could do to not sit on the front step and wait for the UPS guy. I contemplated pulling out a lawn chair and hiding in the shadows of the garage, but I let the momentary thought pass. I tried to occupy my time with other things. It wasn't working. I kept opening the front door looking for 2 cases of My Sponge.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, i opened the door to see something had arrived. But wait, it is only ONE something. Where is the other one??????? HOW do 2 packages get shipped at the same time, from the same place, to the same place, and be delivered on different days?????

Maybe if my UPS guy looked like this one, I wouldn't care so much, but mine looks more like a guy you would find on watchdog.com and catch doing something like THIS on video with your packages.

At our house in California I had the best UPS guy. I knew him by name. He would stay for lunch. He knew my kids. He would bring 5 or 6 huge boxes at a time, carry them into the house for me, comment about which Midwest family member had shipped us something that day. He was fantastic. But he retired in 2000 and I have not had good service since. Apparently I am not the only one with UPS issues lately. Look at this post... Whine! I suppose I could realize that this gives me the enjoyment of having a package more than one day this week, but sadly, it just disappoints me more.

OMG, I hate that UPS lost my SOS kitchen sponges!


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