Tuesday, February 10

Ode to Sleep

I long to lay my cheek upon the cool, crisp linen and close my eyes, content to know that the day is over. Peace descends upon me when my eyes are closed, the cares and worries of the day are gone. Shut out are the lights and images that distracted me for hours. Clarity is here. Clear and crisp as the linen upon which I rested my cheek, my thoughts are no longer clouded. This is my time. My thoughts tumble out, so undisturbed. I would like to turn on the light and take notes, but alas, the thoughts vanish when I do. To have a direct connection to my laptop, programs recording my every thought... the work I could accomplish in my sleep!

I have composed entire blog posts, emails and reports for work while sleeping. Too bad that information does not carry over into the daylight. Daylight, when my eyes open to blinding light. Each point of light searing me like lazers. As painful as the light, the tiny sounds roar from around the globe. I beg to be invisible, just for a little while, until the pain subsides. Oh to lay my cheek on the pillow once again, to fade into the peace of sleep.


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