Friday, January 2

Declutter Fridays -January 2

Marcia has us decluttering our kitchens for January. My dilema is that the kitchen is my favorite room, so there is nothing left to declutter... as it is an everyday occurrance. But I want to share some of the ways I organize my kitchen.

Actually these photos came from my off-kitchen laundry room. My kitchen in this house is tiny. For someone who regularly bakes and cooks up to 13 weeks of dinners at a time, I needed space for my larger items. Right next to the kitchen is a laundry room with a large coat closet. I was thinking, HMMM... who needs more than one coat closet? You KNOW what I can do with all that space???? And I talked my husband into building specialized shelving into the closet.

This first picture is top and left side, showing the broom storage hooks.
Next you will see that he installed small rods so that the platters would stand rather than be piled.

Here is an overall view before the rods were installed. You can see there are two upper shelves holding 5 (yes, I use them all constantly) 10-15 QT sauce pots, large mixing bowls and a huge roaster.

I have had this system for 3 years now. It is the best thing ever! I take one extra step to retrieve what I need and gained TONS and TONS of extra space! Plus, to make it more efficient, I only store items here that get used regularly, but not necessarily every day. Items used every day are in the actual kitchen and items not used often are donated.


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