Friday, August 1


I admit... it is like a sickness, definately an obsession.
A friend of mine recently mentioned how I have always had everything in my house labeled. That was when I realized that while everything still had labels on them, not all of the labels were correct and they didn't all match. Whoops... I had let things slide. So, label maker broken (it has to be 10 years old at least), I dug out scrapbook supplies and my laminator.

A couple layers of paper, run through the heat laminator, cut out, and run through the Xryon... easy smeasy! So....
I made labels for all the Tupperwares.
Then I made labels for the laundry room baskets... (OMG, don't the disposable mop heads look like maxi pads???)

I even made labels for the baskets in the entertainment center. The only thing that stopped me was the clock ticking away to the dinner hour!
You can see from this photo of my dryer that my laundry room looks a bit cluttered... but what you are really seeing is a clean room. I used a plastic boot tray (WalMart a couple winters ago $1) on top of the dryer to keep the detergent from spilling all over and leaving messes to wipe up. And for lack of a better place... the iron (never gets used) and the dustpan also reside here.

Tip... I have another boot tray under the kitchen sink. No more ruined cupboards from spills and leaks!


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