Friday, July 4

Daily Planner

One of my new favorite blogs to surf is Carrie’s. She has an enthusiasm for life that is contagious. Recently I was reading through her older posts and found this post about her Franklin Planner system. If you are a Franklin girl and a FlyGirl like me, you will understand my enthusiasm! You see, I have been in the Franklin “cult” since the early 90s, picked up the FLY system for housekeeping in the early 2000s. I was never successful in combining the two so seeing Carrie’s idea got me sooooo excited that I immediately revamped my planner!

To start, I followed Carrie’s lead and ordered PageFinders in the full-page version, printed out my daily routines and entered them on my TODAY page.

They travel with me everyday to help keep me on schedule.

I also ordered the multi-colored page protectors and inserted printouts of my FLY zones.

I don’t use the Daily Compass since I learned how to Plan the original Franklin way, but I have a ton of the sheets. As I was getting ready to toss them in the trash I realized that they are lined on the back side! I took one and put my monthly goals (To-dos) on it. Then I put it in my old PageFinder, the partial page-size one that comes with the planner refills every year, and I inverted it so the tab is at the bottom of my planner. Now I have my goals traveling with me everyday… giving me a prompt to get something important done when I have a spare minute.

This new way of Franklin Flying (as I have dubbed the combo of Franklin Planning and FlyLady Organization) has really changed my life! I am able to stick to my schedule and I have marked tons of things off my to-do list that otherwise went undone. I feel so productive and organized!

One other thing ... real quick... I used the rounded tab punch from SU! and a clear page protector, printed out all my favorite sayings, thoughts and quotes and stuck them at the front of my planner. Now when I feel a bit "wrong" I just flip to that page and find the inspiration!

I can't tell you how much this has helped me! More later on the tabbed sections from the back of the planner!


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