Thursday, February 6

Save the Paperback!

Only one book in this series had minimal damage.  The rest were clearly mutilated.

I like to encourage my kids to read and spend a ton of time and money making sure they have plenty of resources.  But my youngest has a thing for ruining brand new paperbacks.  I've told her repeatedly and still, one read and the covers are destroyed.  When I got a new series of paperbacks in the mail today I knew I must take action!

I don't even know what happened to this one.  It appears as if the print was on foil, laminated to the cover... It appears, but no one can be sure now that it's peeled.
 This project requires very few items and very little effort or talent.  I used clear Con-Tact paper and scissors.  I finished covering more than a dozen books in half an hour while watching TV and being interrupted by everyone in the house AND a neighbor.

Step One:  Unroll the Con-Tact paper side up, lay out book for sizing and cut.  I wasn't precise with this, I just made sure it was cut big enough to cover the entire book and wrap the sides.

I left an inch of clearance on every side of the book.  You could also measure your book, add 2 inches and then measure and cut.
 I taped down my paper to the desk.  I am not gifted when it come to messing with sticky things... I tend to get stuff stuck to everything.  Keeping on end of this secure was crucial for me.

Step Two:  Unroll from the other side, to the halfway point of the piece.

Step Three:  Set your book in place with even margins of sticky showing.  Make sure the spine of your book is toward the uncovered half of the piece of Con-Tact.

Step Three:  Clip your corners on a diagonal.

Step Four:  Fold end flap over to inside of cover, clip Con-Tact near spine and fold over top and bottom flaps.

When both sides are finished in this manner, you will be left with Con-Tact sticking out from the spine like this.  Use a scissors to snip it off close to the spine.

Optional Step Five:  Use a bone folder, butter knife or credit card to press the bubbles out of the contact.  This ensures a good adhesion which prevents dust and moisture from seeping in from the outside.   

There!  You can't tell they are covered.  They look the same as always but are much more resistant to tampering and can now be wiped clean with a damp cloth if necessary!


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